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The Remnuoth Option

I offer, half-facetiously, another “option”: the “Remnuoth Option” In Letter 22, his famous advisory treatise to Eustochium, which contains his memorable account of his dream, Jerome specifies three types of monastic communities in Egypt: those of the coenobites, the anchorites, and the “Remnuoth.” He looks upon the latter somewhat, erm, unfavorably. 34. As I have mentioned […]

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The Diognetus Option

Christians Are the Soul of the World “[W]hat the soul is in the body, Christians are in the world.” That may sound presumptuous, to say that Christians are the soul of the world–but, then again, I didn’t say it. “Mathetes” did, in his 2nd-c. letter to Diognetus. So consider this an exercise in post-Apostolic ressourcement: I […]