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“Institutional Unity” and the End(s) of Protestantism

I’ve been following with some interest the recent exchange between Doug Wilson and Peter Leithart on his “End of Protestantism” post at First Things,  in conjunction with the publication of his book of the same title (here, here, and here). I’m not going to comment on the whole exchange, in which I think Pastor Wilson […]

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The Locus of Church Unity

Denominationalism defines the modern church. By denominationalism is meant the social existence of the church as a congeries of groupings (congregations) invested by private law with a certain degree of collective or “moral” personality, grouped together voluntarily in associations of greater or lesser geographic extent, whereby these associations are separated the one from the other […]

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The Myth of the Ecumenical Early Church

One of the most enduring misconceptions of the pre-Nicene and Nicene church (what sometimes goes by the nomenclature “the early church”) is that it was more or less united, both doctrinally and politically. One can see this assumption at work in the use of the definitive article as well as the title of “ecumenical councils.” […]