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The Home is a Church

After preaching an excellent sermon on a difficult text (Genesis 1:1-2), John Chrysostom encourages his congregation to keep the sermon going, so to speak, in the home: Perhaps our first reaction is to submit our minds immediately to a whole range of intricate questions. So it’s better to conclude our sermon at this point, exhorting […]

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Spiritus Victor

The late John Stott encouraged fellow believers to readĀ the book of Acts in tandem with the book of Revelation. Just as the Apostle John wrote two volumes from a heavenly perspective, Stott says, so Luke wrote two volumes from the perspective of a physician, that is, from an earthly perspective. So, Acts and Revelation are […]

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The Wages of Sin and the Free Gift of God

Commenting on Romans 6:23 (“For the wages of sin is death, but the free gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord”), John Chrysostom notesĀ in his twelfth homily on Romans the gap in the parallelism between the two clauses. Life is not deserved as death is deserved. Death is, indeed, deserved, but […]