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Legitimacy vs. the good

In a 1973 article on the social contract tradition, Patrick Riley notes an important distinction in how we understand “the state”. He notes that “the mere excellence of an institution would no longer be enough; it would now require authorization by individual men understood as “authors”‘. Riley then notes the key distinction in the conception […]

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Law, Charity, and Politics

I appreciated Andrew Fulford’s recent essay on the relationship between the classic Protestant understanding of¬†supererogatory works and civil polity. He gets down to the basic theological and philosophical distinctions that the older Protestant thinkers made regarding law, justice, charity, and the political life of the commonwealth. However, I was left feeling that Mr. Fulford had […]

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First World Problems: Marriage and Politics As We Know It

The¬†Obergefell¬†decision has been understandably generating tremendous media coverage and analysis. Most of the commentary has discussed either the speed at which society has given approval to same-sex marriages or the potentially dramatic “legal overreach” by the judiciary. One very foundational point, however, has gone nearly without comment: the legal jurisdiction of the family. In the […]