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Legitimacy vs. the good

In a 1973 article on the social contract tradition, Patrick Riley notes an important distinction in how we understand “the state”. He notes that “the mere excellence of an institution would no longer be enough; it would now require authorization by individual men understood as “authors”‘. Riley then notes the key distinction in the conception […]

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Christians and the Common Good

Dr Paul Brink offers excellent advice to American conservatives (not our favorite word, but we know what he means), who are more and more obviously disoriented. While we would differ from his peculiarly Neo-Calvinist account of the State, which makes of it a sort of policeman rather than a State and makes it difficult to […]

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How Should a Christian Vote?

Dear Eleutheria, It’s good that you have the questions you do about voting. It really is an important discussion. For whom or for what should we vote is the obvious question, but whether we should we vote at all is a less obvious one, and yet I think it must be answered before we can […]