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Humanizing the Reformers: Melanchthon on Childbirth and Child Death

From the vantage-point of centuries, it can be difficult to remember that the magisterial Reformers–or, indeed, any other historical figures–were actual human beings, made of the same stuff as we are, subject to the same joys and sorrows we share. In Act 3 of The Merchant of Venice, Shylock says, of Jews and Christians:   […]

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The Reasons for Marriage

It’s 2017, and so we should remember that there were several, not just one or two, important facets of the project of Reformation undertaken in the sixteenth century. One of these was to exalt the estate of marriage as a high and holy one, and not simply an option for second-class Christians who can’t control […]

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“Out of the Mouth of Infants”

Steven posted the other day on Ursinus on the capacity of infants to have faith in Christ. Because I had been thinking about that post, I was struck this morning by the following passage from Matthew 21. After Jesus has entered Jerusalem and cleansed the temple of the buyers, sellers, and money-changers, Matthew writes: And […]