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Bacon: Big, Bad, and…Derivative

In the fictional story of the Fall into Modernity (coming soon as a Netflix Original Series), Sir Francis Bacon sometimes plays the role of a big baddie for banishing formal and final causality from natural philosophy (i.e. science; what he calls “physic”). Never mind the benefits this has for, you know, the progress of ACTUAL […]

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The Metaphysics of Biogenesis

The ongoing debates between “science” and “religion” over biology and cosmology have well-worn groves, and the wheel of the discussion probably won’t skip out any time soon. But there’s no historical necessity about this. There could always be another angle we haven’t quite considered before. One possible contender for the title of “different kind of […]

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Scholastic Metaphysics: A Contemporary Introduction

Disclosure: I was given a free review copy of this book by the publisher. Over four centuries ago, one of the greatest Reformed minds wrote about the gifts of the pagans: For by holding the gifts of the Spirit in slight esteem, we contemn and reproach the Spirit himself. What then? … Shall we say […]

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The Inescapable Law of Causality

Edward Feser, writing in reply to atheist Keith Parsons, argues succinctly that denying the principle of causality is incoherent. This of course has great relevance for debates over the arguments for the existence of God, and for responses to major objectors like Hume. I would also argue that PSR, rightly understood — that is, in […]