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Do Arminians Go to Heaven?

Is faith our righteousness? No, faith is the sole instrument whereby God graciously imputes to us the righteousness of Christ.   Where Do We Draw the Heresy Line? In my recent book, Faith.Hope.Love, I devote a section of the book to affirming the Reformed doctrine of justification by faith against the Arminian doctrine of justification […]

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Billings on Protestant Resourcement

Dr. J. Todd Billings summarizes the future possibilities for Protestant resourcement, and includes some reflections on the significance of this task for theology: Rediscover the Centrality of Biblical Exegesis—The loci communes approach to theology models a compelling way to make scriptural exegesis a central task for the theologian. In addition, the Reformation and Post-Reformation theologians […]

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The Nature and Future of Protestantism

A month after the Future of Protestantism discussion at Biola, I think it is fair to say that by all accounts it was a great success. I am honored to have been part of it. The discussion was very well attended— the chapel was packed, in fact, and thousands watched the live stream— but most […]

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The Catholic Dabney

In his pamphlet The Westminster Confession and Creeds, R L Dabney explains the role of confessions in defining the church. He upholds the right of particular branches or denominations to limit their clergy to the boundaries of chosen confessions, but he then denies that this in any way defines the boundaries of the catholic church. Instead, […]

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A World Reformed Confession?

The World Reformed Fellowship is an admirable association, including in its ranks many good and godly men. Last year they released a Statement of Faith which generated a bit of discussion. Being interested in the Reformed faith and its various manifestations across different nations, we naturally found our interest piqued. Much of the online reaction was negative, […]