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Sic Et Non: Calvin on Rome’s Status as Church

The question of whether Protestants should regard Roman Catholic churches as “true churches” is very important to all ecumenical endeavors. Usually in reaction to those hardened Protestants who simply say that Rome is apostate and thus “no church at all,” the ecumenically-minded Protestants, who usually call themselves “catholic” in one degree or another, want to […]

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Reformation Day and Its Critics

All over the world, wherever evangelical Christians are few in number and persecuted, the memory of the 16th century, when believers reasserted the truth against all odds, is still fresh. For them, the Reformation is still ground to stand on, even to die on. And even in largely papalist Slovenia, where the Reformation was snuffed […]

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The Muhlenberg Memorial

Since there was some question over my appropriation of Muhlenberg to the “evangelical” party, I decided to give his famous memorial a closer read. It’s posted online, but this part really stands out: The divided and distracted state of our American Protestant Christianity, the new and subtle forms of unbelief adapting themselves with fatal success […]

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Not So High Church: William Augustus Muhlenberg as Test Case

We have been talking recently about the concepts of being “high church” and “catholic” as regards to ecclesiology, liturgy, aesthetics, and one’s view of tradition. This is a conversation at the center of TCI’s identity, as we count ourselves as members of the ongoing “Reformed Catholicity” and “Evangelical Catholicity” conversation while we at the same […]