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Miracles: The Patristic Roots of the Reformation (3)

In the prefatory address of the Institutes of the Christian Religion to King Francis I, appended to the work from its first appearance in 1536 (though it undergoes expansion over time), John Calvin gives a full-throated defense of the evangelical cause in France in the tradition of Justin Martyr’s First Apology. In it, he attempts, in the […]

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Calvin on ‘Love thy neighbour’

In his lengthy discussion of the Decalogue in Institutes of the Christian Religion, Calvin expresses a dual truth; that we are to love all mankind without exception, and that those who are tied more closely to us should benefit from our special loving attention. I do not deny that the more closely a man is linked […]

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Some First Things Love For Calvin

Since we often criticize First Things for a sort of faux ecumenism, it’s only fair that we point out when they engage in the real thing. James Rogers points out what is obvious to anyone who has ever read Calvin, predestination is not that big of an issue for him. Oh sure, he believes in it and […]