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Diognetus on Why the Son Was Sent So Late

Derek Rishmawy shares an excerpt from the ancient Christian work, and notes how similar it sounds to the fathers of the Reformed faith.

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Calvinists Justifying Themselves

Mark Garcia, author of a mammoth volume on Calvin’s view of union with Christ, has finally started to respond to J.V. Fesko’s several year long interaction with his work. These posts will be worth following. Much of Fesko’s criticism exists in seminal form in a review article he wrote of Garcia’s book (and one other) […]

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Muller’s Calvin and the Reformed Tradition

Over at the Gospel Coalition, Julian Gutierrez reviews Richard Muller’s latest book, Calvin and the Reformed Tradition: On the Work of Christ and the Order of Salvation. The book seems to be a sort of summary of Professor Muller’s overall working historical thesis, and this paragraph could adequately sum up Prof. Muller’s career project: Overall, […]

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But What About the Consistory? Yeah, Sorta

One response to my essay on CS Lewis and punishment was that Calvinism, and particularly the Genevan Consistory, should also take some historical blame for rehabilitative punishment and coercive disciplinary penance. My reply to this is a bold “Yeah, sorta.” As Hooker pointed out in the preface to his Laws, the Genevan discipline had its own […]