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The Rivers of Babylon: A Cartographical Inquiry

In a recent post at First Things, Archbishop Charles Chaput seems to want to appropriate Martin Luther’s image of “Babylonian captivity” to describe the situation of “believing Catholics and Protestants alike” over against the bugbears of modernity: for instance, consumerism, sex, technology, and sex (this last gets two mentions). In other words, “the world,” apparently, […]

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Berman on Protestantism and the Modern West

In his magisterial Law and Revolution, II, Harold Berman articulates an argument in direct opposition to the thesis that would later be advanced by Brad Gregory in the latter’s The Unintended Reformation. In a section, “Early Protestant Belief Systems and the ‘Rise’ of the West,” Berman writes, A study of the impact of early Protestant […]

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Hart-ers Gonna Hart

Yet more murmurings from Fogey Life, despite the question having long since been settled. Why exactly Darryl Hart feels compelled to flail at a straw-man version of Christendom is at this point a mystery known only to God. But it’s worth making a few points by way of reply, for the sake of those who […]

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The Unintended Concession: Carl Trueman’s Response to THE UNINTENDED REFORMATION

We had it in mind to review Brad Gregory’s The Unintended Reformation, but Carl Trueman has already done an excellent job of it here. This was preceded by a post where he considers in a more technical fashion the history of the ideas in metaphysics, namely analogy and univocity of being, which Dr Gregory seems […]