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Convivium Irenicum Lineup 2015

A little while back, we mentioned that the 3rd Annual Convivium Irenicum would be convening in (“around”) Landrum, SC this June. Now the papers have been accepted and the lineup has been announced. Our keynote speaker is Dr. Glenn Moots of Northwood University (and fresh off  a visiting professorship at Princeton.) You’ll also notice some TCI regulars: […]

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The Convivium Calvinisticum: A Report

The first-ever Convivium Calvinisticum was held last week and sponsored by the Reformed Irenics private online theology forum. While all of the writers for TCI are members of the Reformed Irenics, the two entities are distinct, and it should be made plain that the content posted at TCI are not at all necessarily the views of Reformed […]