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Ursinus on the Doctrine of God: Part 3- Answering Objections

Our next installment in our series from Zacharias Ursinus’s teaching on the doctrine of God (see also part 1 and part 2) is his defense of the traditional theological explanation against the detractors of his day. You will notice that the Reformed churches were opposed by the “biblicists” of their day. Ursinus does respond by […]

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Why I Love John Frame’s “Biblicism” & You Should Too

The most common complaint I’ve seen regarding John Frame’s recent Systematic Theology is that it does not contain enough historical theology. It approximates “biblicism” (cue scary music) in its approach to the Reformed faith. And while I might attribute a greater degree of significance to historical theology and confessions than does Dr. Frame (though I’m […]

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On the Varieties of Biblicisms

Steve Hays writes at Triablogue on the types of biblicism that are possible, and in the process gives a helpful account of how texts can be understood despite the reality of bias in interpreters.

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Charles Hodge and the Limits of Philosophy

In another surprising find, Charles Hodge cautions against the over-extension of philosophy in systematic theology. The context is the debate between creationism and traducianism, both of which have representatives within Orthodox Protestantism. Still, Dr. Hodge’s warnings here are beneficial for the wider practice of theology, and they might just contradict several caricatures of the great […]