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Just What Is Canaan? Thoughts On “Exile” Continued

My friend and colleague, Dr. Eric Hutchinson, has offered some very insightful comments on the biblical “exile” motif that is often applied to the church in our time. The church in which we both serve devoted the June issue of its New Horizons magazine to just this motif, and I think its feature articles give […]

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Where Wright is a Big Problem

Andrew Fulford has demonstrated the ways in which N. T. Wright is consistent with classical Protestantism, at least on the basic level of principles. I agree with everything that Mr. Fulford has to say, with one significant caveat. While Dr. Wright does manage to remain within the ideological bounds of Protestantism, he consistently extends and […]

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Our Politeuma in Heaven

… as Wright explains, Paul was mounting a polemic against the imperial ideology, affirming that Jesus, not Caesar, is “Lord” and “Savior,” both prominent terms in imperial propaganda. Paul’s claim that Christians are citizens of a heavenly politeuma further indicates that the Philippian Christians are to consider themselves a colony of heaven more than as […]

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Kingdom Through Covenant: A Biblical-Theological Understanding of Covenants

There is little doubt that Kingdom Through Covenant: A Biblical-Theological Understanding of the Covenants (hereafter KTC) is a significant work. It has already garnered much attention online (see here, here, and here for a sampling). The book seeks to provide a third way between “covenant theology” and “dispensationalism” through an impressive collection of exegetical and […]

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God Reads Greek

The danger of so many outlines of biblical theology offered to us today is that they suggest that Old and New Testaments may be used indifferently to illustrate one and the same level of God’s dealing with man, and they assume that the language in which this dealing is expressed is essentially Hebrew even where […]