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Tempted Without Sin: The Temptations of Christ in Accordance Reformed Christology

Earlier this year, an article at TGC Australia started a controversy over the question of the temptations and impeccability of Christ. In the article, Ed Shaw wrote, “I’m wanting the young people who come to this event to know that Jesus is the one person that they can fully trust with their sexualities, identities and […]

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Hood, Bavinck, Augustine, Cicero: The Genealogy of a Quotation

What? As one of the epigraphs to the first chapter of his Imitating God in Christ: Recapturing a Biblical Pattern (which I’m enjoying immensely, by the way, and which I may review at some point in this space), Jason Hood quotes Herman Bavinck as follows: Homer attributed human properties to the gods; I would prefer to […]

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Bavinck on the Analogy of Faith

Did the Reformers hold to a version of the “analogy of faith”? I affirm, says Bavinck. And this he sees as perfectly in keeping with sola Scriptura; and indeed, for him, the derivation and intelligibility of this “analogy” is closely dependent on the clarity, or perspecuity, of Scripture. He explains as follows: On account of this […]