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Debating Baptismal Regeneration: Johannes Maccovius

A debate arose among Reformed divines in the 1620s and 30s, particularly in England, over the issue of baptismal regeneration. A variety of interpretations of passages like Titus 3:5 and 1 Peter 3:21 were proposed and there was debate over how to interpret Augustine and even Calvin on this issue. In the past it was […]

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The Low Church Origins of the Reformed Episcopal Church

Reading Allen Guelzo’sĀ For the Union of Evangelical Christendom: The Irony of the Reformed EpiscopaliansĀ is an equally enlightening and surprising read. The REC doesn’t seem terribly “Reformed” or “Episcopalian” according to the popular understanding of those terms. It’s really more of a piece with 19th cent. evangelicalism. This is, one supposes, why the REC viewed themselves […]