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William Shedd on Concreated Holiness

Discussions of human nature in its original state and the donum superadditum today seem arcane and a minor point at best. This was not the case, however, just one hundred years ago. When one reviews the great American systematic theologies from the Reformed tradition, he will find thorough discussions of anthropology, even (or perhaps especially) the […]

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Class(ic)ifying Jamie Smith

It would be an understatement to say that James K. A. Smith (or Jamie Smith, as he is also called) is difficult to categorize. With a background in the Plymouth Brethren tradition, he currently straddles Reformed, Pentecostal, Dooyeweerdian, and Neo-Anabaptist (Radical Orthodox) sentiments. Only in his early 40s, he has already turned out a number […]

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Greek Myth and the Donum Superadditum

This post is something of a lark, apropos (maybe?) of some of Peter’s recent writings on nature and supernature, and also (maybe?) of Steven’s on Adam and evolution. There is a stream, which can be called progressivist, in the Greek mythic tradition in which man as originally constituted was lacking in particular gifts that allowed […]

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Augustine on Temporal and Eternal Goods

In a previous post I made reference to medieval and older formulations that “have some significant implications for the relationship between general and special grace.” To wit, here’s this bit from Augustine’s City of God (19.13): God, therefore, is the most wise Creator and just Ordainer of all natures, Who has established the mortal human race […]

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Natural Law in Romans 2:14–15: Ambrosiaster

Romans 2:14–15 is one of the most important of biblical texts that bear on the idea of “natural law.” I’d like over time to compile a sort of catena of Western exegesis of this passage (admittedly, the surrounding verses are important too, but I’m trying to keep it manageable). I will try to go in chronological […]

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Redeeming Economics: Rediscovering the Missing Element

Redeeming Economics: Rediscovering the Missing Element By John D. Mueller ISI Books, 2010 (hardback, 480 pages) Reviewed by Chuck Huckaby As the 2012 Presidential elections draw near, the presidential candidates are offering a variety of economic proposals to stimulate our struggling economy. How are we to seriously evaluate which, if any, are likely to succeed […]