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Do Arminians Go to Heaven?

Is faith our righteousness? No, faith is the sole instrument whereby God graciously imputes to us the righteousness of Christ.   Where Do We Draw the Heresy Line? In my recent book, Faith.Hope.Love, I devote a section of the book to affirming the Reformed doctrine of justification by faith against the Arminian doctrine of justification […]

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Augustine ‘as Great a Predestinarian as Calvin’

Pierre Bayle provides his reading of the┬ástatus quaestionis regarding the reception of Augustine, particularly with respect to the bishop of Hippo’s soteriology, among the Calvinists, Dominicans, Jesuits, and Arminians in the Reformation and post-Reformation era: The approbation which councils and popes have given St Augustin, on the doctrine of grace, adds greatly to his glory; […]

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Dabney vs. Palmer

Speaking of Dabney and the atonement, David Ponter and Michael Lynch have dug up a fascinating historical debate. In debating the plan of Union between New School and Old School Presbyterians in the Southern Presbyterian Church, the two Southern Presbyterian champions R. L. Dabney and Benjamin Morgan Palmer engaged in outright hostility concerning the nature […]