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The Inescapable Law of Causality

Edward Feser, writing in reply to atheist Keith Parsons, argues succinctly that denying the principle of causality is incoherent. This of course has great relevance for debates over the arguments for the existence of God, and for responses to major objectors like Hume. I would also argue that PSR, rightly understood — that is, in […]

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Covenantal Apologetics: Principles and Practice in Defense of Our Faith

Judging from its endorsements, K. Scott Oliphint’s recent Covenantal Apologetics: Principles & Practice in Defense of Our Faith, is set to become a standard introduction and update to Cornelius Van Til’s “presuppositional” approach to Christian apologetics. The substance remains the same, but the language is streamlined and made more accessible to the layperson. Regrettably, while […]

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Calvin on the Areopagus

Eric Parker passes along this observation from John Calvin: Certain of your poets. He citeth half a verse out of Aratus, not so much for authority’s sake, as that he may make the men of Athens ashamed; for such sayings of the poets came from no other fountain save only from nature and common reason. Neither […]

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The Problem of Natural Revelation in the Thought of Cornelius Van Til

In recent days we have seen some spirited discussion on the place of natural law and natural theology in the life of the church. One figure who stands out as an important member of the discussion about such matters, at least in Presbyterian circles, is Cornelius Van Til, especially in his essay “Nature And Scripture.” […]

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Why Arguments Against Gay Marriage Are Usually Bad

In a recent post, Peter Leithart reflects upon the debate between Douglas Wilson and Andrew Sullivan on same-sex marriage. Observing the increasing inability of Christian arguments to gain purchase upon the public’s imagination, he wonders how arguments against same-sex marriage might become persuasive again. His conclusion is far from sanguine: without a recovery of Christian imagination, […]

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Responsum: First Things, Philosophy, and Theology Proper

Dr Andrew Sandlin is a friend of our forum, and, although we disagree with him markedly on a number of important political and theological points, we do esteem his honesty, intelligence, and his positive contributions to Reformed discourse- most notably, his influential essay Toward a Catholic Calvinism, and his excellent little treatise Un-Inventing the Church. […]