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Man and Woman: A Biblical Systematic Anthropology

Christian sex and gender conversations are back. They never really went away, but the past few weeks have seen a number of new essays and other contributions on the topic. Recently, Dr. Scott Swain added a helpful essay to this ongoing discussion. In it, he explains the variety of categories necessary to fully understand men […]

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The Human Condition and Christian Psychology

Since Jay Adams and no doubt earlier, the Christian world has been arguing amongst itself over the relationship between its faith and the modern science of psychology. And this is not only a disciplinary division issue, for the modern field of inquiry has experienced a history of its own, with influential luminaries who not only […]

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Ritual, History, Place– No! The Cool Kind

This morning I was reading a blog post which invoked the blessed Trinity of postmodern tropes. It said that an “incarnational” religion is one that values “ritual, history, and place,” and then it went on to say that Protestantism, by its very nature, does not do these things. Now, let’s set aside for the moment […]

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John Steinbeck On the Inherent Dignity of Preaching Law

I know it seems like an unlikely source, but while reading Travels With Charley: In Search of America, I came across this entertaining and theologically instructive narrative of a church in Vermont. Steinbeck firmly presents himself as a sinner, and the sermon does not seem to “stick,” at least not as of the writing of […]

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William Shedd on Concreated Holiness

Discussions of human nature in its original state and theĀ donum superadditum today seem arcane and a minor point at best. This was not the case, however, just one hundred years ago. When one reviews the great American systematic theologies from the Reformed tradition, he will find thorough discussions of anthropology, even (or perhaps especially) the […]

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Carl Trueman and the Implications of Adam

Carl Trueman has a very helpful post connecting the theological dots related to the historicity of Adam and to the way in which Evangelicals read the opening chapters of Genesis. His point is that biblical doctrine is always connected and interrelated with itself, with certain basic doctrines supporting other later developments andĀ fulfillments. We can go […]