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Women’s Education in the Early American Republic

We’ve treated the Protestant educational legacy at various times here in the past: see, for example, this; or this; or this. One aspect we haven’t touched on is the premium that Presbyterians in particular placed on the education of women. This is arguably a legacy of the Ulster Presbyterianism of the Scotch-Irish, who insisted that […]

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The Third Annual Convivium Irenicum

The Convivium Calvinisticum developed as a the fruit of some of this website’s work and the friendships it engendered. Over the past three years, the Davenant Trust has taken over sponsorship and direction of the convivium (see here and here for previous updates), and along the way changed its name to the Convivium Irenicum. Each year the […]

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Another Perspective on the Revolution

Over at Slate, Eric Herschthal took the occasion of The Fourth to survey a few more recent historical perspectives on the American Revolution and national founding, noting the less flattering aspects that often get swept under the rug. While his timing may have been something of an act of civic impiety (or maybe just simple […]

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When Early America Is and Is Not a Product of Divine Providence

Hendrik van Loon was one of those great writers of an earlier age who could make a reference book read like a great novel. I read his Geography for fun. While his book on the history of America is weighed down a bit by the classical liberal tone of Gibbon and co., it is still chock […]