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Alister McGrath on Anglo-Catholicism

In a 2007 article for an Irish Anglican publication, Alister McGrath evaluates the merits of Anglo-Catholicism in light of history and leading contemporary scholarship. He concludes that any narrative which attempts to explain Anglicanism as being an alternative to Protestantism is, “historically indefensible.” Dr. McGrath gives some specific pieces of evidence: Many Anglican writers sympathetic […]

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A New Star in the Protestant Firmament

Alister McGrath writes in his survey of the history of Protestantism, Christianity’s Dangerous Idea, 90–91: [John Calvin’s] rise to prominence began in September 1536. The city of Lausanne was debating whether to follow Geneva and accept the principles of the Reformation. Farel and Viret traveled to Lausanne, bringing Calvin with them, to take part in the […]