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Man and Woman: A Biblical Systematic Anthropology

Christian sex and gender conversations are back. They never really went away, but the past few weeks have seen a number of new essays and other contributions on the topic. Recently, Dr. Scott Swain added a helpful essay to this ongoing discussion. In it, he explains the variety of categories necessary to fully understand men […]

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Leithart’s God

Alastair Roberts has posted some very helpful reflections on The Future of Protestantism conversation here. In particular, he has some very helpful reflections in relation to Leithart’s seeming collapse of redemptive and ecclesiastical history. If we do not reckon with the uniquely redemptive-historical nature of the Bible and its contents, consequently blurring the lines between the historically […]

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Friend and associate Alastair Roberts has posted some great thoughts on the question of leadership, what it is and how we should define it, here. I have personally asked this very question of myself for years, and so Mr. Robert’s contribution is of more than academic interest. Here is a snippet which illustrates his primary […]