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Reification and our use of language

This is a brief follow up to my post on the uses of the word religio. Alan Jacobs has made some interesting observations about Peter Harrison’s Territories of Science and Religion and the reification of terms. He writes the following over at The New Atlantis: One of the chief themes of Peter Harrison’s recent book The […]

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Localism as Idolatry

Alan Jacobs writes a short but forceful critique of Wendell Berry’s brand of agrarian localism: There are Christians all over the world today because the successors to Paul declined to stay home. They were not “stickers.” None of this means that affection for one’s geographical place in the world is of no value; but it […]

Archive Nota Bene Steven Wedgeworth

Alan Jacobs, Lena Dunham, and Jane Austen

Alan Jacobs has a very fine article in First Things where he contrasts the amoral world presented in the HBO television series Girls with the moral themes and critiques in the literature of Jane Austen. He compellingly shows how Miss Austen weaves a realistic moral message throughout her writings, falling into neither romanticism nor naivete. All in all, […]