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Edmund Calamy’s Art of Divine Meditation

Since my time reading Dallas Willard in my early 20s, I’ve been interested in the practice of meditation. My diligence in the discipline has waxed and waned throughout my life, with periods where it had deep effect and others where I came up dry. Yet, my growing appreciation for Thomistic psychology has confirmed the potential […]

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Three (Affectionate!) Cheers for the Emotions

The emotions sometimes get a bad rap in contemporary conservative Reformed theology. This is both unjust and unfortunate, because they form an essential and basic part of the make-up of human nature–at the very least as it is constituted in this life. A helpful corrective is found in City of God 9.5, where Augustine contrasts the […]

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Calvin on “Burning Love towards God” and the “Sacred Institutions of His Worship”

John Calvin is masterful at navigating and explicating the relationship between the internal and external aspects of the Christian faith. I recently discussed this aspect of his reflection as it pertains the already inaugurated and still future dynamics of the new heaven and the new earth. He is equally adept when dealing with the dynamics […]