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Greek Myth and the Donum Superadditum

This post is something of a lark, apropos (maybe?) of some of Peter’s recent writings on nature and supernature, and also (maybe?) of Steven’s on Adam and evolution. There is a stream, which can be called progressivist, in the Greek mythic tradition in which man as originally constituted was lacking in particular gifts that allowed […]

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Aeschylus on Pride and Righteousness

An excerpt from one of the choral odes of Aeschylus’ Agamemnon, in Richmond Lattimore’s beautiful translation: But Pride aging is made in men’s dark actions ripe with the young pride late or soon when the dawn of destiny comes and birth is given to the spirit none may fight nor beat down, sinful Daring; and […]

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God Reads Greek

The danger of so many outlines of biblical theology offered to us today is that they suggest that Old and New Testaments may be used indifferently to illustrate one and the same level of God’s dealing with man, and they assume that the language in which this dealing is expressed is essentially Hebrew even where […]