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Calvin’s Vergil, Calvin’s Lucretius

Continuing an exercise begun the other day… Calvin refers to the Roman poets Vergil and Lucretius exactly once in the Institutes of the Christian Religion, in the same passage of 1.5.5, “The Knowledge of God Conspicuous in the Creation, and Continual Government of the World.” The passage begins with a criticism of Aristotle, to which we […]

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“Here We Have No Lasting City”

Consider this an exercise in the the analysis of the evolution of the heroic temper. Lewis and Vergil In his chapter on Vergil in A Preface to Paradise Lost, C.S. Lewis speaks of Aeneas’ “reluctant yet unfaltering search for the abiding city (mansuram urbem)” (emph. orig.). The passage in question comes from the “all-important” Book […]