Modern Scholars of Special Interest

Even a brief perusal of a great many academic works regarding the Reformation and its consequent traditions will reveal a striking unawareness of the doctrinal principles of the old teachers, since theology, either systematic or historical, has become more and more of an exile from central academia. The result is that the historical depiction of the old writers, and the causes of many past events, is often badly skewed, sometimes beyond recognition.

The scholars listed below are among those whose works can be generally relied on for an accurate, and even profoundly insightful, recounting of the beliefs of the Reformers and the history of the times. We aim to provide helpful summaries of their work, book reviews, and links.

  • Paul Avis
  • W J T Kirby
  • Richard Muller
  • Bryan Spinks
  • F Edward Cranz
  • Harold Berman
  • Nick Thompson
  • Randall Zachman
  • Jaroslav Pelikan
  • Alister McGrath
  • Kenneth Stevenson
  • Oliver O’Donovan
  • Joan Lockwood O’Donovan
  • Iain MacKenzie
  • John Witte
  • Stephen Grabill