Renewal and Reform

Heirs of the medieval ferment of Biblical renewal and of Renaissance Humanism whose tools they would use in the service of that holy renewal, the blessed Western Reformers are famous and well-studied.  Our fathers in religion, the most eminent of all church fathers, we draw from their writings, their methods, and chiefly, from their faith. Though local to Western Europe, they were and are of ecumenical and universal import. Whole libraries of good work have already been done on these masters of Christendom- but this fact alone, unfortunately, does not mean that they are as truly well-known as they should be. Our entry for them here will serve in part to gratefully and hopefully helpfully point to the best of those studies, in the interest of helping readers rediscover these mighty saints and sages. In doing so, and in showing the connections of these men with their best ecclesiastical and intellectual heirs up to the present, we will often be crossing, in ways which might be surprising to those accustomed to common understandings and misunderstandings, traditional lines of association and inheritance.