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Westminsterian Aristotelianism: Marriage (3)

Previously, we remarked that Samuel Willard first subdivides “political” relation into “public” and “private” (=”oeconomical,” i.e., pertaining to the household), and then divides the latter into the relations of husband and wife and master and servant. He then discusses the marriage relation, as was discussed in the previous post. He then continues as follows: These […]

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Wesminsterian Aristotelianism: Marriage (2)

In the last post, we saw that Samuel Willard recognizes only one natural “order of superiority,” that of parents over children. All other relations of superior and inferior are what he calls “political.” We further saw that he divides the “political” into the two spheres of public and private, the former of which is called […]

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Westminsterian Aristotelianism: Marriage

  In Politics 1259a-b, Aristotle distinguishes between the type of authority fathers have over children and that possessed by husbands over wives as follows: “Of household management we have seen that there are three parts—one is the rule of a master over slaves, which has been discussed already, another of a father, and the third of a […]

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Cotton on Marriage, Again

A bit later in the sermon to which I’ve referred a couple of times previously, John Cotton details what he thinks the phrase “help meet” in Genesis 2 means. I suspect that the simple act of copying and pasting this is enough to make most contemporary Christians, including not a few who classify themselves with […]

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Men, Women, and the Nature of Christian Teaching: Two Responses to Aimee Byrd

Since our founding, TCI has been committed to affirming the natural family and varieties of “household economics” as essential components to any sort of Christian political vision.  Given the confusions of our day, this has required us to interact with both the push for modern egalitarianism and the reactionary “recovery” movements that have arisen to […]

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Natural Complementarians: Men, Women, and the Way Things Are

A striking feature of modern Christian gender debates is how extensively the tenets of social constructivism have unwittingly been imbibed, by the very people who might claim to be its staunch opponents. Even in arguments from the most conservative quarters, there is a remarkable forgetfulness or neglect of nature, a willingness to forfeit our claim […]

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Douthat on the Family Policy Vacuum

Over at the New York Times Ross Douthat has penned a tongue-in-cheek column about what could be if Donald Trump was a domestic policy wonk. The point he makes about family policy, one he has been making for some time now, is a good one. There is a family policy vacuum at the top end of town. The questions […]

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The Fruitful Household

TCI has had its differences with Peter Leithart, some of them quite recent, but there is little doubt that his thought is provocative in general, and in some specifics very helpful. His piece some days ago on his First Things blog about the family (or household), productivity and fruitfulness was especially thoughtful. To begin with Leithart […]

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Some Observations on Tournier’s Prescriptions for Homosexuality

I wanted to say a few things about Paul Tournier’s thoughts on sublimation and the relationship between sexual energy and divine creativity. If you haven’t read his essay, then refer to it first. I hope to explain his perspective and then expand it to a more basic understanding of desire and dominion. The first thing which […]

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Paul Tournier on Homosexuality and the Sublimation of Desire

Paul Tournier  was a Swiss physician whose work became particularly regarded across Europe and America for use in pastoral counseling. He was an M.D. but also an orthodox Calvinist, and his writings reflect both medical and theological knowledge. Dr. Tournier was a member of the Oxford Group and published over twenty books. The selection printed […]