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Catechismus primus, Quaestiones I-X

It used to be standard practice in Protestant academies to catechize in Latin. That is obviously much less the case now, perhaps a cause of nostalgia for those of us who are (a) Christians and who also (b) teach Latin to small children. But nostalgia is dumb, and always has been. In an effort, therefore, […]

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How to Read Herman Bavinck: 4 Principles

With the recent publication of Herman Bavinck’s Reformed Ethics and the forthcoming first English translation of his Christian Worldview, more and more readers are discovering the genius of the Dutch neo-Calvinist afresh. Picking up Bavinck’s Ethics or Dogmatics, however, can be daunting. While Bavinck’s prose is often accessible, he does interact with a significant array […]

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Calvin’s Socratic Sanctification

Plato, in the Phaedo, had Socrates claim that philosophy was “practice for dying and death.” It was a sentiment that was to exercise great influence down through the centuries, all the way to Heidegger’s “Being-toward-death” and beyond. (That last part works better if you say it in the voice of Buzz Lightyear.)  John Calvin agreed […]

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An Apology for John Davenant: Answering an Acrimonious Critic

This year marks the 400th anniversary of the Synod of Dort. Thus, I was not surprised to come across another article on its Canons. I am always one who is encouraged to find popular Reformed authors defending the Reformed confessions of the 16th and 17th centuries. In fact, if there is one document which defines […]

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Should We Be Celebrating Frank Reich?

On Social Media, I came across this article on Frank Reich, the former President at RTS Charlotte and now head coach of the Indianapolis Colts. The article was promoted by several men I know and respect. I do, however, have some questions I’d like to ask about how we are to view Frank Reich’s remarkable move […]

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The Mode and Meaning of Baptism

Christians have not agreed on the proper mode of baptism. Many believe that the only proper way to baptize someone is by the full submersion of the body under water. They typically argue that baptizo means immerse and they also appeal to Romans 6 as a watertight (pardon the pun) argument proving the need for […]

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The Leadership of the Catholic Church: Now vs. Then (Pt. 6)

It’s time to bring our series on the identity and government of the church to a conclusion. You can find the previous installments here: Part 1: The Crisis of Rome and Its Claims of Ultimate Authority Part 2: Church Origins and Officers in the New Testament  Part 3: Bishop-Elders and Bishops in the Late First […]

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The Leadership of the Catholic Church: Now vs. Then (Pt. 3)

We are continuing our series on the identity and government of the Christian Church and how it relates to the claims of the Roman Catholic Church. My first post explained why this question is freshly relevant and urgent for Roman Catholics, and it laid out the Roman Catholic claims about how the Christian Church was founded […]

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How The Ancients Heard Resurrection: A Reply to David Bentley Hart

Eastern Orthodox theologian David Bentley Hart has written an essay on the Pauline terms “spirit,” (πνευμα) “soul,” (ψυχη), and “flesh” (σαρξ), maintaining that modern readers are greatly (or perhaps completely) hindered in their understanding of them. He lays blame on a kind of “Protestant biblical scholarship” that is allegedly weighed down with all sorts of […]

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Is Concupiscence Sin?– Gay Christianity, Desire, and Orientation

Picking up from my previous post on the problem of gay-but-chaste Christianity, I want to talk about concupiscence. Jack Bates criticizes me for introducing concupiscence into the discussion in an over-generalized and therefore simplistic way. Bates writes: Wedgeworth’s treatment of concupiscence in relation to the queer Christian’s experience is the site of his most significant errors. […]