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The Truth about Corporate Taxes

The announcement on Monday of Burger King’s merger with Canadian doughnut giant Tim Hortons prompted more than the usual financial media buzz, as pundits weighed in with outrage about the naked “tax inversion” ploy, in which Burger King will relocate its headquarters to Canada to benefit from their 15% corporate tax rate, rather than the […]

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Recovering the Catholic Doctrine of Private Property, Pt. 2

Pt. 2: A Critical Examination of Catholic Social Teaching on the Question of Private Property (See Pt. 1 for an introduction to the theoretical issues at stake in this discussion) Having at great length defined the nature of our quarry, we are now in a position to sift through the documents of Catholic Social Teaching […]

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Recovering the Catholic Doctrine of Private Property (Pt. 1)

Part I: On Property Rights—Subjective and Objective, Human and Natural A. Private Property, Law, and Human Rights 1. The background of the debate A couple of weeks ago, in response to an interesting interchange between the Catholic bloggers Pascal-Emmanuel Gobry (or PEG) and Elizabeth Bruenig on the subject of private property, natural rights, and positive […]

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Augustine, Compassion, and Impassibility

Augustine has some wise words of warning for the modern ideal of compassion-in-solidarity, which has bled over into theology proper in the form of the fashionable rejection of divine impassibility for a God who instead is so compassionate that he suffers right alongside us: “And therefore, in respect to such states of mind, you must […]

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Christianity, Violence, and the Rise of the Liberal State

In his remarkable new book A Brutal Unity: The Spiritual Politics of the Christian Church, Ephraim Radner offers a respectful but ultimately withering critique of the narrative of early modernity offered by Radical Orthodoxy and particularly by political theologian William Cavanaugh.  Toward the end of the chapter, he offers these marvelous lines about the irreducibly Christian character […]

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The Follies of Contraceptive Historiography

Here at The Calvinist International, we care deeply about history, and yet we frequently trample freely on the shibboleths of contemporary historiography.  One of these is its commitment to truth-neutrality. In this it mimics, but goes even further than, the procedural liberalism that dominates the modern administration of justice, which abandons any concern for the […]

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The Anticipation of Persuasion

One of the things that we talk about a lot here at TCI is building a culture of persuasion, and one of our favorite bogeymen is the retreat to commitment.  These things are of course connected: against the retreat to commitment, we insist that it is in the nature of truth claims to be public truth claims; but neither […]

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Rethinking “Stuart Anglicanism”

Correction/Retraction: In the original version of this post, it was assumed that Mark Noll’s summary of Michael Winship’s taxonomy was an accurate one, and both accordingly came in for some criticism.  Dr. Winship has contacted the author to explain that this is not the case, and that Noll’s remarks about “Stuart Anglicanism” are entirely Noll’s […]

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Richard Hooker, Reformed Irenic

Or, A Refutation of the Calumnious Slanders Lately Lodged Against the Most Judicious and Rev. D. Hooker by D. Joyce of Birmingham, in Which are Exposed hir sundrie Errors, Misquotacions, and Misconceipts which do Uniustlie Stayne his moste Noble Memorie. In her recent book, Richard Hooker and Anglican Moral Theology,[1] Alison Joyce offers an important […]

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Once More Into the Breach (Part 2): Clearing Up the Two Kingdoms Conversation

This post is a continuation of a prior post at The Sword and Ploughshare, but also of an ongoing conversation that has taken place in many venues, ultimately tracing its beginning to this site. Having previously offered a lengthy prolegomenon on manners and method to address issues raised by Mr. Tuininga’s most recent engagement with […]