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Unbelief and Revolution

Here follows a translation of the first paragraphs of the introduction to Guillaume Groen van Prinsterer’s Unbelief and Revolution. Harry van Dyke’s otherwise excellent translation truncates this part, a bad move on his part as this passage sets the stage for everything that follows, and lays out the importance of this inquiry in no uncertain terms. A […]

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The Roman-legal Background of the Concept of Equity

Equity makes its appearance in theological and confessional treatments, as a way of understanding the place of Old Testament law in the New Testament era. It is invoked e.g. in the Westminster Confession of Faith as such an interpretive principle. A good treatment of the theological usage of equity can be consulted here, but, there […]

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Piketty’s Charge: Capitalism and Inequality

As is the case with the vast majority of commentators on this topic, I have not read Piketty’s book. The following is therefore gleaned from other sources, mainly this interview, from which, unless otherwise indicated, the following quotations are taken. The first thing to say is that, on the face of it, Piketty’s exposition is […]

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The Right to Resist: Calvinist Constitutionalism and the Lockean Paradigm

Such was the title I gave to an unpublished manuscript I wrote back in 1991. As interest in this subject seems to be growing, I will look into bringing the manuscript up to speed for a contemporary audience, as time permits. For starters, here is the original introduction, which itself is in need of some […]

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The Greeks and the Gospel

In honor of the publication of the digital edition of The Greeks and the Gospel by J.B. Skemp, I present an excerpt: CHAPTER I The Greeks and the Gospel TIMEO Danaos et dona ferentes—I fear the Greeks even when they are bringing gifts. This was the cautious reaction of the Trojan Laocoon to the introduction […]

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Rights and Personhood

From Friedrich Julius Stahl, Private Law (WordBridge, 2007), Chapter One: The Right of the Person in General §. 2. The Rights of Personality Being a person, man is an original, independent and thus absolute end of creation and the world-plan (Book I, §. 6): not mankind as a genus, not the concept of man, but the […]

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Stahl on the Law of Marriage

excerpted from Friedrich Julius Stahl, Private Law (WordBridge 2007), pp. 117ff.   The Marriage Bond The essence of marriage is the complementarity of the sexes. The difference between the sexes, and their union as the origin of all new life, is a general law of physical nature. What significance this law has is not a […]

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Van Ruler: Sphere Sovereignty and the Theocratic Triangle

Editor’s note: The following is an English translation of the 20th century Dutch Reformed theologian A.A. van Ruler. A.A. van Ruler translated by Ruben Alvarado (excerpted from Religie en Politiek, Nijkerk: Callenbach, 1945, pp. 373-379.) I am thinking here of course about the famous doctrine of sphere sovereignty. It was drawn up by Kuyper, but […]