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Rishmawy Reviews Francis Spufford

Derek Rishmawy reviews Francis Spufford’s Unapologetic here. Rishmawy notes: …though he engages in some humorous polemics against Dawkins & Co., it’s not a traditional, philosophic apologetic for the truth-claims of the Christian faith—he doesn’t think that can really be done. Rather, it’s more of a Pascalian wager in the sense that, assuming we can’t know either way, there is […]

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With That Gun

Pastor Wedgeworth offers some wise and arresting reflections on what “choice” means for the fallen children of Adam and Eve.  Since Cain and Lamech, people have in their desperation looked to handle the troubles of the aching heart with a gun in hand, and have been on the run since the Fall of mankind. But […]

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Junius Institute Colloquium

The Junius Institute’s colloquium slated for the spring of this year will host a number of extremely interesting presentations, and the conversation around them will doubtless be excellent. It is open to the public.

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Jesus, Lord of the 17th Century

Peter Leithart, as is sometimes his wont, makes a very curious historical assertion in order to underscore a theological point here; he claims that whereas Jesus was foundational to Western political thought for centuries, “By the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, Jesus had become irrelevant.” But this thesis, tossed off as if it were so evident […]

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Gruess von Krampus

There are few things easier than pointing out the grotesqueness of public square American Christmas. And every year some Christians rally to “put the Christ back in Christmas,” although this would mean scrapping most of what we know as Christmas; if there is a “war on Christmas,” it has long since been waged and won […]

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Merry Christmas

See how from far upon the Eastern rode The Star-led Wisards haste with odours sweet: O run, prevent them with thy humble ode, And lay it lowly at his blessed feet; Have thou the honour first, thy Lord to greet, And joyn thy voice unto the Angel Quire, From out his secret Altar toucht with […]

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Political Theology Today

There are so many excellent entries lately at PTT that the only thing to do is link the chief ones here, and encourage readers to explore further. Dr Littlejohn offers reflections on what Aristotle can tell us about a godly commonwealth (clue: even pagans know a thing or two about nature). Mr Adam Borneman invites […]

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Dr Gottfried on “Right and Left”

Dr Paul Gottfried clarifies two much overused and much undersignifying terms here.   Although we would rather altogether eschew these tags as inimical to a politics of prudence, Dr Gottfried’s historical and conceptual reflections are well worth pondering. One observation which will come as a surprise to many readers is how socially “conservative” the Old Left […]

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Enns and Inerrancy

Peter Enns has an essay up at Patheos reporting that the ETS discussion of inerrancy was not the impassioned confrontation he suggests many expected. He seems to want us to be surprised; but what would really be surprising would be the appearance of any passion at all at any ETS panel discussion. He is correct, […]

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Calvin in China

The Reformed are advancing in China: … the place where Calvinism is spreading fastest is the elite universities, fuelled by prodigies of learning and translation. Wang Xiaochao, a philosopher at one of the Beijing universities, has translated the two major works of St Augustine, the Confessions and the City of God, into Chinese directly from […]