An Introduction to The Calvinist International

A common frustration we hear about from new readers is that reading many of the posts at TCI feels like picking up a 500 page book on page 200. In other words, you feel as if you’re stepping into the middle of a conversation and have no idea where it began or how it got to the bit you’re coming in on. To address that issue, we’re putting together an index of posts published here at TCI as well as on the personal blogs of several of our contributors. Do note, however, that this isn’t quite a shared mission statement or statement of belief. There is internal disagreement on some of the issues discussed in these posts. The index isn’t  a guide to what we believe; it is an introduction to the topics that interest us and how the group of friends that maintain this site think about those issues and discuss them.

Overall Orientation

Natural Law and the Two Kingdoms

One of the key things that provoked the launch of TCI is the discussion surrounding issues of Christianity and culture. Both the pop-transformationalism of groups like The Gospel Coalition and the writings of David VanDrunen have been influential in these debates and we felt both groups had some significant problems at the heart of their thought. So much of our early writing (and some of our more recent) has been done to address these errors and present a more orthodox vision of biblical social teaching.

General Theology

Other Politics

Family, Gender, and Sex