Steven Wedgeworth

Steven is the editor of The Calvinist International. He is a graduate of Reformed Theological Seminary in Jackson, MS. A Presbyterian pastor and classical school teacher, Steven lives in Jackson, MS with his wife Anna. He has been serving at Immanuel Presbyterian Church (CREC) since 2008, as well as actively writing on theological, historical, and political issues. Besides this forum, he also posts pastoral and literary reflections at his personal blog, Wedgewords.


“ ‘The Two Sons of Oil’ and the Limits of American Religious Dissent” in The Journal of Law and Religion, vol. XXVII, no. 1 (2011–12): 141–61.

Selected Online Publications

“Martin Bucer: A Reformer in the Midst” at, Jan. 15, 2008:

“Athanasius of Alexandria: Father for the Future” at Athanasius Presbytery, March 11, 2009:

“The Goodness of Stuff” in Credenda Agenda, Feb. 16, 2010:

“Two Kingdoms Critique” in  Credenda Agenda, June 21, 2010:

“Natural Law: A Paleo-Reformed Defense” in Credenda Agenda, Dec. 15, 2010:

“Reforming Deification” in Credenda Agenda, Jan. 5, 2011:

“Do We Have a Christology Crisis?” (co-authored with Peter Escalante) in Credenda Agenda, Feb. 21, 2012:


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