Peter Escalante

714468b65e47f7c9b4a2decee788684e  Peter is the associate editor of The Calvinist International. A native Californian, he is descended from a settler family resident since the beginning of the 18th century in Sonora, Mexico, with a long record of government and ecclesiastical service.  He holds a MA in Philosophy, with an emphasis in medieval and early modern scholasticism. He works in antiquarian books, while conducting small private seminars on a wide range of topics in his free time. Having long since surrendered any attempt to narrow his interests, he spends the most time in the fields of history, jurisprudence, Protestant casuistry, philology, natural philosophy and natural history (especially botany), architecture, and gastronomy.

“Do We Have a Christology Crisis?” (co-authored with Steven Wedgeworth) in Credenda Agenda, Feb. 21, 2012: