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Hodge’s Schleiermacher (5)

Picking back up with this series…

We last left Charles Hodge in March of 1827. According to his son’s “Life,” Charles next mentions Schleiermacher in a journal entry of Wednesday, April 18, 1827. Here, Hodge meets Schleiermacher himself for the first time, on the occasion of the celebration of the Chancellor of the University in Halle. Somewhat shockingly, he does nothing more than report the fact, without giving any impressions whatsoever.

This day has been observed as the Jubiliee of Niemeyer, the Chancellor of the University, who has now completed the fiftieth year of his academical life. We called with all the rest of the world to present our felicitations to the old gentleman this morning. His rooms, which are spacious, were crowed with strangers, and ornamented with the numerous presents which had flowed in upon him at this season. Here we met among many other strangers, Schleiermacher and Bishop Eylert, from Berlin, Bishop Westermeyer, from Magdeburg, Tittmann from Leipsic, &c. &c. At eleven o’clock the company met in the Hall of the University. Professor Schultz read a Latin address; after which, the Curator of the University, presented Niemeyer with a beautiful porcelain vase in the name of the King. Bishop Eylert made a long discourse in German. Tittmann and his colleague from Leipsic each spoke in Latin. The pro-rector then exhibited the marble bust of Niemeyer, which the University had caused to be made as an expression of their esteem. He received also a porcelain vase, presented by his numerous pupils of past days, and a silver civic crown from the city of Halle, to which he was a great benefactor during the last war.

By E.J. Hutchinson

E.J. Hutchinson is Assistant Professor of Classics at Hillsdale College.