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A Prayer for Civil Society

Once again, from A Book of Family Worship, this time a good example of how to pray for one’s society and political order. Herewith the intercession from the prayer for Monday evening of the third week in the cycle–a prayer that of course assumes that God is the Lord of both heaven and earth and, as such, cares what happens on earth and in human polities:

O God, in the midst of the wickedness and sorrow and strife of the world, we look to Thee as the source of infinite love and wisdom, of power and righteousness. Order all things for the salvation of Thine elect, and the prosperity of Thy Church. Send forth laborers into the harvest. Give the heathen the knowledge of the gospel, and turn the rulers and judges of the earth to serve Christ. Fill our land with pure religion. Give us good men to rule over us. Save and teach those who instruct the children in our schools and those who guide public opinion by voice or pen. May the fruits of the nation’s industry be used for the good of mankind. And now, Good Shepherd, we commit ourselves to Thee, and pray that all who are united to us in the flesh may with us be united to Thee, and kept and guided until at last we come to Thy house in everlasting peace: for Christ’s sake.


By E.J. Hutchinson

E.J. Hutchinson is Assistant Professor of Classics at Hillsdale College.