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Hyperius’ Prayer after Studies

Yesterday I posted Andreas Hyperius’ prayer when one is on one’s way to his studies; here is his prayer for after they have concluded (A studiis).

For those things that thou hast wished, O God, heavenly Father, for me to learn in the elements of piety and in the honorable arts, I give thee greatest thanks, because well do I know that, unless thou hast allowed and granted it in accordance with thy goodness, both my teachers and I waste all our effort. Bring it about, therefore, that, by this sure judgment and sense of my progress, both the minds of my teachers be stirred up to greater diligence day by day and I daily approach learning as one more fit and more lively; from which hereafter opportunity and cause will be given for unceasing celebration and praise to thee for thy most abundant kindnesses toward me, O God, who ever livest and reignest with thy Son Jesus Christ and the Holy Ghost. Amen.1

  1. The translation is my own.

By E.J. Hutchinson

E.J. Hutchinson is Assistant Professor of Classics at Hillsdale College.

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Could you do a follow-up on more specifics, biographically in terms of thought and intellectual accomplishments, of Hyperius? The Wikipedia page is pretty weak, but seems to say he was pretty influential. Or is there somewhere that has already put together a good summary of his life and work?

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