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A Summary of the Creed

After his exposition of the Apostles’ Creed in the Enchiridion theologicum, Niels Hemmingsen gives an even briefer summary of the Creed and thus of the Christian faith.

Text and Translation

Nunc totum Symbolum contraham in compendium: Credo in Deum Patrem, qui me creavit. Credo in Iesum Christum, qui homo factus, sua victima ad Patris iussum me redemit. Credo in Spiritum sanctum, qui me beneficiorum Christi participem reddit, ut ascriptus coetui Sanctorum, et donatus remissione peccatorum, tandem a morte resurgam ad vitam aeternam, ad quam vitam nos perducat victor mortis Dominus noster Iesus Christus, Deus benedictus in secula, Amen.

Now I shall draw together the whole Creed into a summary: I believe in God the Father, who created me. I believe in Jesus Christ who, having been made man, has redeemed me by his own sacrifice according to the command of the Father. I believe in the Holy Spirit, who makes me to share in the benefits of Christ, such that I, having been enrolled in the company of the saints and granted the remission of sins, shall at last rise again from the dead to eternal life–to this life may our Lord Jesus Christ, victor over death, God blessed forever, lead us. Amen.1 (Enchiridion theologicumClassis III, Caput III)

  1. The translation is my own.

By E.J. Hutchinson

E.J. Hutchinson is Assistant Professor of Classics at Hillsdale College.