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Preces Sacrae 2

The second of Peter Martyr’s Sacred Prayers, also taken from Psalm 1. I don’t have time to transcribe the Latin text at the moment, but will plan to add it later. For now, just a translation. Again, these are intended for use in the public domain or in whatever context you like (personal, public, etc.).


We understand well enough, Almighty God, that grave calamities and wretched misfortunes are troubling the church, because we have often yielded to the counsels of false men, which it had been right to shun as soon as they were known. Likewise we have not refused the way of the wicked, but have continually trod their path, with uninterrupted transgression of your commands. Moreover your healthful corrections and wholesome discipline has long been scorned by us; and whatever was being pressed upon us by your Word has been disregarded and mocked negligently–or, rather, shamelessly–enough. It is therefore by no means surprising if, instead of happiness and tranquil peace, which we have abused–for grief!–long enough up to the present time, we are now compelled to undergo all things heavy, vexing, and most bitter. Now, however, o God, we rightly flee to you as suppliants, and beseech with eager and most ardent prayers that you be willing to forgive us the sins that we have so foolishly and impiously committed, and to render our minds as devoted as possible to your Law, such that we meditate on nothing other than your Word day and night. For thus shall we bring forth seasonable and pleasant fruits, when we have exercised ourselves in your words with faith, and shall not be despoiled of the adornments of the Holy Spirit–indeed, happy outcomes will continuously follow our actions. But now, as our sins hector us, we are by no means unlike those tossed up and down by the winds of tribulations. Grant in whatever way possible, o Best Father, that our life not perish like that of the wicked, but that, for the sake of the just, it be defended by you with the highest care and protection, in order that we may stand in the judgment and assembly of the just, and not fall as we deserve: through Jesus Christ our Lord, Amen.

By E.J. Hutchinson

E.J. Hutchinson is Assistant Professor of Classics at Hillsdale College.