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And… We’re Back!

So readers will probably notice that the site was down for a bit last week and then totally unavailable for the past two days. Please accept our apologies. We were hacked pretty badly, and even after “fixing it” were unable to transfer to a better hosting platform because of the malicious code. Hopefully we’re clear now, and we may even update and tweak things for the better in the near future.

And we’ll be making an effort to post a bit more too, me in particular.

By Steven Wedgeworth

Steven Wedgeworth is the Rector of Christ Church Anglican in South Bend, Indiana. He writes about theology, history, and political theory, and he has taught Jr. High and High School. He is the founder and general editor of The Calvinist International, an online journal of Christian Humanism and political theology, and a founding member of the Davenant Institute.