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Sancrucensis on Nature and Grace

Pater Edmund Waldstein of Heiligenkreuz posts here a reflection on engagement with us over at The Josias. We couldn’t ask for a better Papalist interlocutor than this gracious and learned Cistercian. One observation: our friend begs the question a bit when he says that we do not believe nature is elevated. It is rather that we think that human nature was already in beatitude, albeit immaturely, before the Fall, and that the Fall was far more drastic than Roman Catholics generally make out. Papalists tend to retroject the picture of what is in fact fallen nature back into the Garden, where it was supposedly awaiting the superadded gift which would “elevate it” .  And a note of thanks- Pater Edmund is of course right that we could have gone much farther in critique of Brad Gregory’s profound misunderstanding of evangelical political theology, but the scope of that response seemed not to allow for it. But it is an important point and so we are very grateful that Pater Edmund has gone ahead and made that point on our behalf.

By Peter Escalante

Peter Escalante is a founder and editor of The Calvinist International. He holds a MA in Philosophy.

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Thanks for this question. Dr Hodge, in Dogmatics II.V.3, gives a full account, the introduction to which he recapitulates at the end of said introduction by way of a helpful citation of Calovius, which I will give here:

Per ‘imaginem eius, qui creavit ipsum’ imago Dei, quae in prima creatione nobis concessa vel concreata est, intelligitur, quaeque in nobis reparatur per Spiritum Sanctum, quae ratione intellectus consistebat in cognitione Dei, ut ratione voluntatis in justitia et sanctitate, Eph iv 24. Per verbum itaque ‘tou ktisantos’ non nova creatio, sed vetus illa et primaeva intelligitur, quia in Adamo conditi mones sumus ad imaginem Dei in cognitione Dei.

But vide II.V.3 entire for Hodge’s exposition of “cognitione Dei’, which is what you’re asking after.



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