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A Roman Catholic Defense of Papalism

Pater Edmund has a worthy series of essays on the Roman Catholic understanding of religious freedom and Church and State over at The Josias. In the third installment he interacts with Reformation developments and modernity, citing a few of us along the way. While we would reach very different conclusions from Pater Edmund, he cites our readings of the medieval and Reformation-era ideas, including Roman Catholic ones, as being accurate interpretations. In particular, he points out the importance of the doctrine of the two kingdoms and argues that the true Roman Catholic position does claim coercive power for the visible church.

Interested readers ought to keep an eye on The Josias.

By Steven Wedgeworth

Steven Wedgeworth is the Rector of Christ Church Anglican in South Bend, Indiana. He writes about theology, history, and political theory, and he has taught Jr. High and High School. He is the founder and general editor of The Calvinist International, an online journal of Christian Humanism and political theology, and a founding member of the Davenant Institute.

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