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The Four Degrees of Action (4)

Hemmingsen continues on in his Enchiridion theologicum on the senses in which freedom is, and is not, left to man after the Fall. He has so far affirmed freedom in the first three degrees of action. Before he moves on to the fourth degree, he says this:

“There are, moreover, two types of actions that pertain to external discipline, and these are left in the will after [man’s] corruption. One of these is the δεσποτικὸν [despotikon] [that which commands], by which the will commands the part of man that moves [by change of position], the other the προαιρετικὸν [proairetikon] [that which deliberates], when the will prefers honorable actions by its own true and earnest choosing or proairesis.” (p. 73)1The translation is my own.]

By E.J. Hutchinson

E.J. Hutchinson is Assistant Professor of Classics at Hillsdale College.