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Butterfield’s Secret Thoughts of an Unlikely Convert Review


Evangelical outreach to postmoderns, homosexuals, and the academy itself is hopelessly broken. We are able to offer a scathing critique of each, but unable to engage them in meaningful dialogue let alone – it seems – win a new generation to Christ seems beyond our grasp…till now perhaps.

Rosaria Champagne Butterfield’s recent book “Secret Thoughts of an Unlikely Convert” will hopefully provide an impetus for change in that regard. Perhaps her experience will help evangelical stop “dumbing down” their worship on the one hand, and “smarten up” their ability to speak meaningfully to people on the other hand.

This former feminist, lesbian, and contented non-follower of Jesus Christ has an important word or two about just what she finds compelling in the Good News of God, and what she finds more than a bit annoying in evangelical Christians themselves. Those looking to her as an evangelical cheerleader will receive a welcome dose of reality!

Those who thought their worship was “too traditional” or “not relevant” by certain popular standards may be pleasantly surprised. But while classical worship may not have to change, evangelical engagement MUST change! Fortunately the way forward may be as simple as opening one’s home.

Consider her something like Edith Schaeffer for a new day, and you might understand why Mrs. Butterfield is worth hearing from… She reminds of a day when Reformed Theology was recognized for its profound ability to address the central matters of Christian faith and culture without the appearance of strident sectarianism.

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Chuck Huckaby is the Minister of Congregational Life at First Protestant Church in New Braunfels, TX. His video reviews are also available on Youtube.


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