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Christians and the Common Good

Dr Paul Brink offers excellent advice to American conservatives (not our favorite word, but we know what he means), who are more and more obviously disoriented. While we would differ from his peculiarly Neo-Calvinist account of the State, which makes of it a sort of policeman rather than a State and makes it difficult to see how it could ever be architectonically Christian, and also from his historical account of evangelical politics in the 16th–18th centuries (even his account of the middle ages is pretty bad), his more immediate point is of crucial importance. Christian citizens need to grow out of the idea, originally derived from anarchists of the atheist sort, that the State, as such, is an idol. That such an intrinsically un-Christian idea as radical libertarianism could be received by Christians as being the politics of the Bible indicates the depth of the pit into which we’ve fallen. Certainly we need a much smaller State, and one animated by natural and revealed law, but radical libertarianism is a fantasy-ideology which only serves the purposes of the giant corporations whose indirect rule has created the situation we’re in. But then, most “conservatism” now is definable as obsequious service to giant corporations.

By Peter Escalante

Peter Escalante is a founder and editor of The Calvinist International. He holds a MA in Philosophy.