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The Original Obama

Jefferson was inaugurated the third president of the United States on March 4, 1801, following one of the most bitterly contested presidential elections in American history.  His religion, or the alleged lack thereof, emerged as a critical issue in the campaign.  The Federalists vilified him as an unreformed Jacobin, libertine, and atheist.  The campaign rhetoric was so vitriolic that, when news of Jefferson’s election swept across the country, housewives in Federalist New England were seen burying the family bibles in their gardens or hiding them in wells because they fully expected the Holy Scriptures to be confiscated and burned by the new administration in Washington.

~Quoted from Daniel L. Dreisbach’s Thomas Jefferson and the Wall of Separation between Church and State (New York University Press, 2002) 18

By Steven Wedgeworth

Steven Wedgeworth is the Rector of Christ Church Anglican in South Bend, Indiana. He writes about theology, history, and political theory, and he has taught Jr. High and High School. He is the founder and general editor of The Calvinist International, an online journal of Christian Humanism and political theology, and a founding member of the Davenant Institute.

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